About Us

For almost 20 years, our founding partners have inspired change within client organizations around the globe. Grounded in the principles of quality and value, Genesis Consulting was built by hiring experts to deliver on that promise for every client. To that end, we gauge our success by the results you achieve even after our engagement comes to a close. Our unique and collaborative approach to SAP and ERP implementations sets us apart from other consultants within the Commercial and Public Sectors. Applying Lean thinking and Agile techniques allows our teams to act quickly in response to changing requirements, resulting in a drastic improvement in productivity. This framework also encourages greater creativity and innovation, which instills a renewed sense of energy within your staff. Most importantly, though, is the lasting value that our approach weaves into your organization by creating an ongoing partnership between your business and IT functions that will give you an advantage over your own competition.

How Genesis Began

When you consider the backgrounds of our founders, Genesis Consulting is a company that was practically destined to come together. They share a history of building businesses into success stories, whether working side-by-side, or on their own career paths. Having met each other during an SAP project at the height of the 1990’s Enterprise Resource Planning boom, the Genesis founders have been at the forefront of technology that makes businesses more efficient, accountable and organized ever since. While just the concept of connecting multiple databases and departments through one application was once ground breaking in itself, today’s demands require this practice to be complimented by strategic business and enterprise technology experts. That’s where our leadership saw an opportunity to excel. The wealth of knowledge they bring to the table allows us to provide you with services that will:

  • Restore efficiency and productivity to possibly outdated systems
  • Increase functionality through system upgrades
  • Address the changing needs and processes that naturally occur during the evolution of a business.
  • Accelerate the realization of business value and benefits of your ERP investments

Our Vision

Genesis Consulting defines success by the equal levels of client and individual satisfaction that stem from mutual trust, accountability and productivity. Our entrepreneurial work environment and the opportunities it provides for personal and professional growth is at the center of everything we do. As a result, our clients benefit from service that is second to none and innovative solutions to their business and technical problems. In addition, we work to carry out this same approach within the communities we serve by sharing our time and financial resources.