Strong project management is the key to successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Even the best software solution is useless if a project is not brought to a successful conclusion. Genesis Consulting has developed a delivery framework that incorporates our philosophy of Delivering Value, as well as our underlying framework of Lean and Agile concepts.

Our AccelerateTM methodology is depicted in the diagram below:


Best Practices: Where our approach begins and ends. We have capitalized on the vast breadth and depth of our team and have captured the best practices from our prior projects as well as leading industry best practices.

Assess: We work with our clients and project executives to adapt the best approach to their culture and environment. We have candid conversations about risks and success factors as well as roles and responsibilities on the project.

Detail Design: We inventory the high level business processes and requirements in order to validate requirements to baseline best practices, by using techniques such as Story Mapping then comparing client requirements to a baseline prototype and determine changes and/or gaps in the proposed solution.

Prototype: Validate the proposed solution against a prototype system and baseline requirements. We will leverage our Accelerated Prototype Solution (APS) to work with our clients in validating the requirements

Validate: Our approach is based on an iterative approach to managing the project. We work closely with the business process experts and regularly discuss and demonstrate functionality in the system

Knowledge Transfer: A key premise of our delivery framework is that knowledge transfer from our team to our client’s team members is automatically built into our approach.

Organizational Change Management: Preparing the Workforce is the center of all of our work it is part of each phase and each outcome during the life of the project. Organizational Change Management (OCM) activities identify the inherent “people-related” risks that can impact the success of any ERP initiative.