Agile Readiness Quick Assessment

Take this quick assessment to determine if your organization is ready to introduce Agile. Agile works best in an environment that has flexible scope and requirements, less need for documentation, dedicated resources, and the ability to co-locate team members. On a spectrum of Agility, this would be categorized as one end that fosters more ‘Innovation.’ The other end of the spectrum may be a more traditional Waterfall approach where requirements are more well defined, scope is stable, and project team members are distributed and not necessarily co-located. This type of environment would be better suited for a project approach that is more ‘Cookbook.’ This assessment will help you determine where your organization is on the scale of Agility.

For each assessment area, determine if your organization is more on the side of ‘Innovation’ or more of a ‘Cookbook’ type environment by reading each of the descriptions provided. Select a rating between 0 and 10 with a rating of ’0′ being more on the ‘Cookbook’ side of the spectrum, and ’10′ more of ‘Innovation.’ Increase and decrease your scores for each area by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons.

CategoryRelative Score (0-10)(0) Cookbook ScoreInnovation (10)
Requirements - Definition5Requirements are very well defined. Customer is able to communicate them clearly. Time is available at the start of the project to create documentation.Requirements are ill defined, uncertain and/or constantly open to change per team and customer.
Change5Scope is relatively stable.Scope changes frequently.
Experience5Technology or business process is mature. Project methodology is already established and consists of repetitive tasks.Little or no experience with this type of project in the past. Relatively new technology or business process.
Resources - Dedication5Project teams cannot be dedicated 100% to one project. Resources are spread across different projects and tasks.Project team resources can be 100% dedicated to the project.
Resources - Physical Location5Project Teams resources are not co-located.Project team resources are co-located.
Customer - Involvement5Customer involvement is intermittent at best, usually at requirements definition and sign off, scope verification and user acceptance upon completion.Customer is available to be involved on a consistent and regular basis.
Customer - Timelines5Customer requires a project completion delivery date early on in the engagement.Customer does not require an end date for all deliverables.
Documentation5Rigorous and detailed documentation is required.Minimum documentation is acceptable.
Overall Agility