Genesis has developed a Coach Enablement Framework for reference during our Lean Agile Coaching engagements. The core of our framework is focused on the Team and leverages an Integral View of Agile Team Health as adapted from the Agile Coaching Institute and Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

The core of our approach is based on assessing 4 perspectives to coach teams to effective outcomes. These perspectives include: Individual Mindsets and Engagement (I), Practices, Competencies, and Roles (IT), Cultural, Relationships, Vision (WE), and Systems, Products, Value (ITS). Our Framework also includes the consideration of Value, Mission and Innovation in aligning teams to prioritize work, focus on value, and deliver results.

Coaching Services:

  • Lean and Agile
  • Scrum Masters
  • Lean and Kanban
  • Executive Coaching
  • DevOps
  • Technical Coaching

Our Coaching clients:

AIG Coca-Cola LSB Industries Scottrade
Amerisource Bergen Department of Interior Mastercard Tennessee Valley Authority
Anthem Fannie Mae Minto US Department of Agriculture
Bank of America Ford Motor Company National Geographic Society World Vision Canada
Capital One iDirect Orange County Public Schools
Cisco Systems Johns Hopkins Peer1