Agile SAP

Have you ever wondered how to “go to market” and realize value quicker from your SAP implementations?

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to be flexible enough during SAP implementations, so that changing business requirements can be provided to a project-team mid-implementation, without significantly affecting overall cost and schedule?

Have you ever wondered how to improve efficiency and productivity from your existing SAP teams, doing “more with less” in today’s economy?

Genesis Consulting is helping their clients answer these questions. Using Lean thinking principles, and Agile techniques, Genesis is successfully implementing SAP solutions while increasing their team’s productivity and efficiency, providing quality solutions quicker, and delivering high customer value to the business stakeholders. We have implemented SAP while encouraging:

  • Frequent inspection and adaptation
  • A leadership philosophy that encourages team work, self-organization and accountability
  • A set of engineering best practices that allow for rapid delivery of high-quality projects
  • A business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals

Agile project teams within a Lean organization provide the IT organization with the ability to be flexible and to respond to a changing business environment. We have successfully transformed organizations from Waterfall to Agile SAP Centers of Excellence.

Lean Agile SAP Benefits

Using Lean Thinking Principles and Agile Techniques, Genesis is successfully helping our clients increase their project team’s productivity, flexibility and efficiency, delivering quality high-customer-value solutions faster to the business stakeholders. The benefits our customers are able to realize include:

  • Higher productivity - 30% to 60 % improvement in Time to Market
  • Accomplish more with less - Get more from a declining resource base
  • Increased flexibility - Team adapts quickly to changing requirements
  • Improved Alignment - Partnership between the Business and IT
  • Increased value - Improved Responsiveness to customer needs
  • Energized work force - Greater creativity and innovation
  • Enhanced transparency - Frequent demonstrations of work completed to-date
  • Reduced risk - High risk requirements are resolved first

Genesis Consulting brings to our client engagements a Lean/Agile SAP toolbox that provides:

  • Implementation Methodology and Playbook
  • Project Team Training
  • Lean/Agile Coaching
  • Planning Tools
  • Requirements Management
  • Measurement/Metrics

Our SAP Clients:

Amerisource Bergen Johns Hopkins University Orange County Public Schools US Dept. of Agriculture
Coca-Cola Minto Group Inc. QVC US Dept. of Interior
Ford Motor Company Nike
  • “By being co-located there is a higher awareness of each of the team members’ contributions towards the project’s common goal. This has helped us as a project team have clearer communication on levels we don’t normally have, as well as hold team members accountable to deliver on what they said they were going to deliver”
    — NetWeaver Analyst
  • “Post production support will be much easier and quicker, because the support people have been involved from the beginning and truly understand what we will be delivering on go-live”
    — Business Analyst
  • “Having the business decision-makers in the room to answer my questions in a timely manner, as well as to make decisions right when I needed them, was very powerful. I was able to get three weeks of work done in just one week by using this Lean Agile SAP approach.”
    — SAP Developer
  • “This process requires that we demonstrate our work every few weeks. The project stakeholders are now so much more informed about what we are doing, and the business is so much more prepared for what we will be delivering to them when we go live.”
    — SAP Configuration Analyst
  • “I was just so impressed. Everyone was so happy and proud when they demonstrated their work to the stakeholders after each iteration.”
    — SAP Project Manager