SAP Agile Center of Excellence


SAP Agile Center of Excellence (SAP*ACE) is a business strategy designed to provide our clients with a value-based support alternative to the traditional full-time onsite staff. SAP*ACE can supplement current staff with experts “on call” by utilizing a structured system to facilitate our clients and service their requests. We provide one-stop access for all functional and technical support needs. We eliminate the trouble of locating different skill-sets to address each issue that arises. This model decreases the customer’s expense to bring specialized SAP skills to resolve business process challenges and issues with their solutions.

Our Capabilities

The SAP*ACE process is a virtual network of experts and works as described below:

  • Helpdesk Ticket Tracking – When customer tickets are submitted, Genesis will track these tickets according to inquiry type, industry solution, SAP application, and time-sensitivity
  • Ticket Review and Analysis – New tickets will be assigned to expert consultants with specialized knowledge in the specific problem area to be resolved in a timely matter according to each customer’s desired services level agreement
  • Focused Improvement Training – Ticket Analysis will give Genesis the ability to offer training on challenge areas - focused training and pattern analysis will reduce future errors, increase productivity, and provide overall cost savings
  • New Feature Review – As SAP provides new capabilities, Genesis will review the potential benefit and advice on adaptation of a new or updated process – these new features can be implemented if a cost or revenue business case is relevant.
  • Adaptive Training – Training can be customized for each business process that has new or updated features to the SAP software - this training will reduce overall errors and increase profitability