High Level Road Map


To develop a high-level road map for your organization, Genesis begins by collaborating with you to identify your biggest areas of need - whether they are specific challenges, broad opportunities for improvement, or calculated business goals. Our experts will audit the current state of your technology, business processes, and data systems, including the availability, flow, and quality of information through those systems. We look to identify key areas of improvement that enhance your ability to achieve your primary business goals. Think of us as coaches that help you develop a game plan, identifying plays that will help you win the game.

Our high-level roadmaps, or game plans, communicate the value and benefits of a comprehensive technology, organizational, data and/or process solution for your organization. We also develop an implementation timeline, complete with defined stages. Our goals for the roadmap are to provide you with a thorough understanding of:

  • Which business process improvements are necessary for your organization
  • Current ERP opportunities and short-comings
  • What technology changes are necessary
  • What data management updates are necessary to improve data availability, flow, quality, and control
  • What organizational changes are necessary
  • Benefits of recommended improvements
  • The critical path our experts recommend that you follow in order to achieve your goal

Once your customized road map is in place, Genesis experts:

  • Identify opportunities for fit-gap solutions within existing ERP applications, where applicable
  • Define possible options for new ERP implementations
  • Determine pilot business lines and areas to implement changes
  • Develop proof of concept and value
  • Provide risk assessment and mitigation plans
  • Create or finalize implementation strategy
  • Develop detailed project scope with defined implementation phases