Project Management Office (PMO)

Strong project management is the key to successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Genesis’ project management approach and methodology addresses our client’s requirements and provides effective communication throughout the project. Our approach aligns with SAP’s ASAP implementation methodology and the principles outlined by the Project Management Institute. We use SAP Solution Manager to collect and track status information on key deliverables including blueprint documents, configuration activities, and test events. Key activities in our Program Management service offering include:

  • Project Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Integrated Project Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Scope and Change Control
  • Independent Validation and Verification

Effective project management is the lifeblood of every business. Our senior project and program managers, together with our joint ownership structure with Ironworks Consulting and Fahrenheit Technology, provide our clients with exceptional project management for each and every project. Through these alliances, we have access to more than 300 employees who bring a collective expertise in business strategy, Program Management Office (PMO) functions, content management systems, portal development, staffing solutions, and now ERP applications. Capitalizing on these resources, we provide systematic methods of tackling complex initiatives that often require synchronization between multiple projects or organizations.

Let our experts help you get the results you need from your technology solutions. We can establish a PMO in your organization that is designed based on our years of experience and customized to your specific business processes. Through a well-organized PMO, you will gain a clearer perspective on the health of your projects, manage risks more effectively, and complete more projects on time and on budget.